Cars driving around in circles

So I went to São Paulo last week, it was pretty cool.

Took a lovely 12 hour bus to get there and then I got to use the SP Metro/Subway, which is surprisingly good!

 Since I arrived too early to check in, it was time for some free tours! Check out the old town first, learning a bit of history of Brazil as well. They left out Dutch Brazil though...

After the tour it was time to check in, and visit the "famous" biggest McDonalds in South America, at least that´s what a buddy told me, I would have never found out otherwise.

The next days I checked out more of the town, seeing tons of Graffiti in Vida Madalena and then the rich economical centre/street of Avenida Paulista, basically the wallstreet of SP if you ask me.

The weekend was of course reserved for FORMULA ONE. The whole reason I came to São Paulo in the first place. Watching cars drive in circles is one of my favourite things to do, next to watching alcoholic beverages disappear.
I was very happy with my seat at turn one…

New travel postie

As promised my two other trips.

First was to the mountain near Viçosa, a great hike. The top of mountain is named "cap´s top" because well, it looks like a cap. It was a good and long day. Half the way to the mountain was on unpaved roads though, I never ate so much dust in one day but it was worth it. Took us about 3 hours to get to the top.

And here´s me chilling at the top.

The other trip was to Espírito Santo. A state known for it´s beaches north of Rio de Janeiro. To be honest, the whole week was just sitting on beaches and drinking during the evening. The columbians who I went with like their Caipirinha so that´s mainly why!

Best moment of this trip was probably swimming in the ocean at sunrise! That´s right, sunrise, not sunset.


So let me tell you a bit about the travelling I have been doing. Because as it turns out Brazil is slightly bigger than the Netherlands.

Ouro Preto
I was in Brazil for just 3 days, still scared of being outside while it was dark. But it was time for a city trip with the other Intercâmbios (exchange students). We went to Ouro Preto (black gold).
Ouro Preto is not only known for having the most alcohol consumption per capita of the state Minas Geraís, but also because of some history as it turns out.
See the state I am in is famous for it´s mining, gold especially. Ouro Preto was one of the cities, or settlements back then, with a lot of gold. The city therefore has some nice old buildings and of course, the mines. We went and checked out the mines, the church, square and also a special house which made and sold some good booze. Afterwards we checked a market, I never bought something off a public market before. Very memorable was the lunch I must say, first time I tasted the great Brazi…

I named my first post " number one" , so I can make a number two joke in the second. Look at my number two.

It may have been a few months, but I  am glad to let you know I have not been stabbed or robbed while you have not heard of me. It´s actually pretty safe here as long as you stay in the good areas.

So allow me to give you some short updates to catch up.

The trip:
Two hours by car, an 11 hour flight, another 3 hour flight, another 8 hour flight and an 8 hour bus ride and I´m not even talking about the time waiting at bus stops or at the airfields! My trip was near fifty hours from Vlissingen to Viçosa. Luckily for me I did not have to pay extra for beer during the flights.

The first impressions:
Not being able to flush toilet paper, electric powered showers and steep, uneven pavements. I´m used to all these things now, but I did have quite a shock when I arrived. The amount I almost fell, walking on these streets...

The project/work at the University:
The project changed for all the students upon arrival, but the good thing is that we are able to form the project to our liking because of …

Post number 1


My name is Mathijs and I'll be going to Brazil next week for a research I'll be doing through the Living Lab Brazil project (Click here for more info). I'll be doing the research at UFV in the city of Viçosa. I'll keep you up to date using this blog and maybe add a picture or two!